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Proof of Proof

PoP mining enables blockchains to inherit and leverage the Proof of Work from a superior blockchain such as Bitcoin. As a result, the reinforced security provided by PoP will encourage further adoption of these alternative blockchains.

The transition of transactions from Bitcoin to alternative blockchains will also facilitate Bitcoin scaling, while continuing to drive value back to Bitcoin miners.

VeriBlock Blockchain

The VeriBlock blockchain enables rapid, widespread, and secure adoption of PoP security for other blockchains. This enables:

  • double-spend attack prevention
  • protection against sustained 51% attacks
  • early attack detection.


Progress 90%

VeriBlock blockchain is in public testnet: collaborating with high-market-cap blockchains to roll out VeriBlock and VeriBlock-secured blockchains.

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Blockchain of Custody™

Blockchain of Custody™ provides digital data integrity services backed by the world’s greatest source of hashing power (Bitcoin) for use by government, healthcare, EMS, and more.

Progress 60%

Soon, BoC will transition to a standalone highly-secure blockchain solution with support for high-volume data integrity services.

Grand Central

A mini-blockchain designed for cross-chain payment channels, atomic transactions & post-quantum signatures.

Progress 15%

The Grand Central whitepaper is currently being written as we develop limited-functionality smart contracts on a mini-blockchain.

Our Team

Maxwell Sanchez

Chief Technology Officer

Justin Fisher

Chief Executive Officer

Flip Filipowski


Jeff Roschman

Financial Advisor

Josh Rack

Blockchain Engineer

Tim Stall

Chief Development Officer

Jeff Garzik

Technical Advisor

Matthew Roszak


Our Advisors

Bill Shihara


Anthony Di Iorio

Ethereum, Jaxx

Bo Shen

Fenbushi, Blockasset


UI Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Java Developer

From Our Partners

Jeff McGregor

“TRUEPIC is committed to providing the highest level of image authenticity certification available on the market today. By using VeriBlock’s platform, we’re able to offer our clients evidentiary quality photo & video certification utilizing industry-leading Blockchain of Custody technology. We’re excited to build a deep & innovative partnership with the VeriBlock team.”


Bill Shihara

“At Bittrex, our commitment to security extends to our proprietary circuit breakers that protect our users by disabling trading when we detect blockchain anomalies such as double spends and forks. I’m excited by our long relationship with Veriblock to develop additional security measures that can eliminate many classes of these issues which disrupt trading and put customer funds at risk.”

Co-Founder & CEO Bittrex, Inc.
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